Dear Voodoo Manufacturing community,

It’s with a heavy heart that we announce that Voodoo Manufacturing has closed its doors.

COVID-19 was challenging for everyone, but we tried to continue going. We repurposed our factory to make PPE in order to help fight the pandemic and through donations and individual purchases, we were able to distribute more than 15,000 protective face shields across the U.S. Unfortunately, without a clear end to the current health crisis, Voodoo Manufacturing couldn't make it to the other side.

Voodoo Manufacturing was founded with the mission of giving the power of manufacturing to everyone on Earth. Our mission was rooted in the idea that you shouldn’t need to spend all the money you have or bury yourself in debt to launch a product and test it in the market. Voodoo Manufacturing allowed small and large businesses alike to share new ideas and products with the world, we also helped artists realize projects that would not have been possible without 3D printing digital manufacturing, and we enabled activists to promote change using our technology.

The entire Voodoo Manufacturing family wishes you the best and we proudly thank you for being part of this 5-year journey. We loved every minute of it and we hope our 3D Printing, Design, and Fulfillment services helped you achieve your personal goals and pushed the boundaries of your creativity.

Please continue dreaming, imagining, designing, and making new things.

May our paths cross again,
The Voodoo Manufacturing Family